Operating Room


Operating room supervisor: Dr. MohammadReza Ansari Astaneh 
This hospital is equipped with seven operating room with good ophthalmic eye facilities for different actions. Approximately, 6,500 surgical activities is done during the first year in this hospital.

Types of surgeries that are done in this hospital:

Segments posterior surgery:

  • Scroll Buckling (SB) for retinal detachment

  • Deep vitrectomy for treatment of various retinal diseases (some cases of retinal detachment, diabetic retinopathy, visual impacts, vitreous bleeding, perforation Us Cola, etc.)

  • Cataract congenital eye and some infants and children diseases

Segments corneal surgery (anterior segments):

  • Cataract surgery of congenital and acquired methods extra capsular (old) and phaco and phaco laser and intraocular lenses with planting

  • Surgery of glaucoma

  • Surgery on the cornea

Services strabismus surgery and Echo plastic:

  • Strabismus surgery eyes (strabismus)

  • The eyelid surgery (cosmetic and therapeutic)

  • Surgery on eye socket

  • Intraocular surgery, and eyelid tumors and socket (orbit) and Mark ocular prosthesis

  • Surgery on the endocrine and Hungarian Lachrymal

  • Apply cosmetic (plastic)